Monday, February 14, 2005


Miseried v. /mizErEed/ To dawdle with head bowed and sholders slumped to a pub or bar which doesn't have a TV after you have just seen you team lose.

"Dan, Rob and I finished our drinks and miseried it to All Bar One to spot some low-grade Crouch End celebs to pull us out of our communal sulk."

Posted by Big Dog

Thursday, February 10, 2005


slacktivity (slak-'tiv-'it-ee)The act of feigning productivity by slacking off.'Joe's work day has been full of slacktivity as all he did was surf the web.'

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Runta v. To fuck someone animalistically from behind in an 80's fashion

"When the feeling's right, I'm going to run all right. I'm going to runta you."

Posted by Bigdog with thanks to S. Offord/A. Conway/B.Adams


Pampied v. To be unceremoniously thrown into the pampas grass on daddy's lawn.

"The baffoon went to hit me, but I managed to wallop him first and he hit his head on daddy's Mazda before landing in the pampas grass. I totally pampied him."

Posted by Lou

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Tescorruption n. /teskorupSen/ Usually of a food supply. Degradation of dietary diversity in a population dependent on small number of suppliers for a significant majority of its constituents.

"What happened to all those tasty seasonal fresh vegetables that we used to eat?
"I'm afraid all our vegetables have been Tescorrupted"

posted by Westbrook

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Blashamed adj. /bla'seImd/ The slightly guilty feeling associated with having just realised your use of colourful language in proximity to a member of the clergy. Usually felt most acutely when the clergy then sternly catch your eye immediately afterwards. Most disconcerting when they then smile mischeviously.

Posted by Westbrook


Blashaming n. /bla'seImIng/ A pasttime of bored priests involving unobtrusive ambling among the laity awaiting the use of colourful language. At this point the clergyman will look sternly over his eye glasses instilling blashame before mischievously smiling to convey an indicationthat he swears like a trooper when no one's around. The intent is to playwith the guilt of the flock's minds. Increasingly common now that more traditional routes are proving anachronistic. [See confuckanal]

Posted by Westbrook

Deja pu

Deja pu n. /ded3a'pu:/ The strange feeling you get as you shit your strides that it has happened before.

'As it trickled down my leg, I felt the strangest sense of deja pu'

(alt): The strange feeling that you've heard a story about someone shitting their strides before.

Posted by World Of Spy


Dumbocracy n. /dumokrasi:/ The will of the American people as expressed through the electoral process. The fuckwits.

'The re-election of George W.Bush was a stunning victory for dumbocracy'.

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Comasexual n. adj. /komeseksju:wel/ Someone who just lies there.

'I'm not gay, though I have had several comasexual experiences.'

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Monday, November 29, 2004


Etmatstis n. /etmatstIs/ - The state of being a very bad film. 'Knowing the signs of etmatstis can prevent inappropriate DVD choices whilst at the video store. For example, check the cover for third-party endorsement. If there's none, you're dealing with a high probability that even the Mirror and the Sun thought it stank. '

Etym. Acronym

Post script - it is possible for a great film to carry no third-party endorsement. If, however, all third-party comments are from the Sun, NOTW or the Mirror then you have a film so bad that it may not be possible for words to describe.

Posted by Westbrook


Fishematarian n. /fIsme'teari:jen/

A vegetarian who eats fish.

'My last girlfriend was a frigging fishmatarian.'

Posted by The B


Halo'd passive v. (heI'load) - The act of being dumped by your significant other due to obsessive and offensive amounts of time spent due to the new Halo 2 electronic video game for XBox. Often results in "Make up sex" and/or numerous empty promises to pay much more attention to you.

'Poor Alli got Halo'd by that inconsiderate waste of flesh, Michael, after the new game came out.'

posted by Alli


Deniachondria n. /denaIye'kondri:je/

Delusional belief of personal health and fitness. Belief invariably supported by selective use of data as twisted and reported in national news media.

Cut down on my drinking doctor? But is says here in the Daily Mail that the responsible consumption of nine pints of cheap sweet plonk an hour caused rats to whine less when appearing on I’m a celebrity!”

Posted by Westbrook


Fissues n. /fIshu:z/
1) the state of having issues with fish.

“Steven won’t eat fish; he has fissues.”

2) Shoes for fish.

“I’m sorry, we don’t sell fissues. This is a bookshop.”

Word by
Chaz, Posted by Big Dog

Bus Stop

Bus stop n. /'bustop/ - Collective term for a gathering of popular ne'rdowells.

Strict definition requires average IQ of the postcode to drop significantly upon arrival of the ne'rdowell group.

"Who invited these halfwits? It's as if we've been stumbled across a bus stop of republican candidates!"


"What's with all the basball caps, has a bus stop of chavs just arrived?"

Posted by Westbrook

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Tescorrosion n. - the decay that destroys a vibrant trading and social community following the nearby opening of a giant supermarket. to tescorrode v.

"This time last year I'd have been able to pick up everything I needed on the High Street, but now it's all Tescorroded and full of charity shops"

posted by Westbrook

Pram face

Pram Face n. /pra:m feIs/- any wannabe D list celeb who would look more at home as a young downwardly mobile single mother roaming an inner city run down council estate.

Example: Natasha Hamilton, ex Atomic Kitten.

posted by The B


Rooger n. /'ru:ger/ - endearing term for inhabitant of island-continent-nation at anus of planet Earth. Easily recognised by sporting hatred of the English, undisguised love for the Queen and the holding down of a job behind a London bar. Safe to assume that ancestors often spent great deal of time behind bars also.
Use: most commonly employed at sporting event to draw attention to antipodean fowl play.

"C'mon ref, that bastard rooger couldn't put it in straight if his todger was strapped to a matchstick!"

Etym: Obs. Possibly contraction of term describing traditional national passtime of fornicating with large marsuplials.

posted by Westbrook